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Positive steps in Mental Health

The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought the importance of mental health and wellbeing into even sharper focus.

If you feel stressed, anxious or low from time to time, doing something positive to help yourself can make a real difference to your mood.

Exercise - whether it be intense cardio, running, swimming, jogging or simply going for a walk in the park-get those endorphins going!

Get creative! Pick up some paints, a mindfulness colouring book, your phone camera and get creative. Write a poem, a short story or even a song. Channel whats going on into something beautiful.

Do something YOU love.

Run a bubble bath and lose yourself for an hour with a good book and a soak.

Go for a drive in nature.

Order you favourite take away.

Make YOURSELF feel special and loved.

Stay connected.

Message, call or arrange a meet up with a friend, family member, neighbour, colleague.

It’s good to talk.

Laugh and smile.

Watch something funny.

Look through old photos of good and silly memories.

It’ll warm your heart.

Get some fresh air. Headphones in. Take that first step outside and GO! BREATHE in that fresh and beautiful air.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to improve your mental health or recommend to others.

Love, peace and happiness, Aj


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