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AJ writes her own songs and music and collabs regularly with other musicians of various genres. She has a very powerful voice, with a smooth, captivating tone and can sing pretty much anything, Her three collaboration single releases this year have all been quite different from each other. It is this diversity and her abilities that make her unique.

Neil Clark | New STARZ 

Scottish artist AJ MCLOVELY has become masterful at turning sorrowful moments and grief into the most beautiful art. A case-in-point is her recent, and aptly-titled, EP, Healing. The bouncing indie pop of ‘Born to Make a Difference’ opens this short set of songs. Here, Mclovely evokes fellow Scottish female songwriter KT Tunstall whilst also giving the track her own unique touch. It is an empowering opening, for sure. The gentler ‘Hold On’ follows and reveals itself to be a lovingly-crafted fingerpicker with an indie folk feel, and ‘Bleeding Heart’ changes key again with an upbeat slice of contemporary synthpop. Mclovely returns to her songwriter roots with the final offering, the glorious piano-led heartache of ‘Breathe’. 

Tom Hilton | Aldora Britain Records

Liverpool Sound and Vision 
AJ McLovely, Healing. E.P. Review. 

We are forever in search of ways to heal, to reconcile and rebuild, and if not cure, then at least restore to a point where the date in which we found we were separated from our view of reality. Healing is the modern-day utopia, the ideal from where we were once lost is within our grasp, therapy is reliable, and yet what all just need to realise that to soothe our soul, to cure the ills of corporate machinations and government interference is to listen to our heart, to believe that Healing can come from within, it comes from the art we must allow in our lives. 

No matter which way we find the momentum of therapeutic wellness, it surely can come with no greater emphasis for the soul than the release of one’s own feelings, questions, and understanding than in physical form, in the image of book, in the herculean effort of a song created after hours, maybe years of finding the right way to express the doubt we have. 

The sense of soothing, of energised setting is absolutely in evidence as Aberdeenshire’s AJ 

McLovely takes to the stage she has come to embrace and in the response of her debut E.P., Healing, what she places in the listener is an event, an effect, the outcome of belief being given a voice, and when it comes from the heart of one who has waited, one who has forged their own steel whilst being around a culture that thinks that richness of soul is adorned by paper value, then those that listen benefit from the principle of communication created. 

Healing comes from communication, and as the four songs that make up the debut E.P., Born To Make A Difference, Hold On, Bleeding Heart, and Breathe wash over the listener, it is to the communication of new voice, of a new perspective that takes root; for healing is not always about finding the right ear, it is connecting with the right soul. 

A beautifully crafted introduction, AJ McLovely has been unveiled before the world at a time when connection and communication are vastly in need of being acknowledged. 

AJ McLovely’s Healing is out now.

Ian D. Hall 


As she walks barefoot into the tranquil forest to acquire that hope again after such a tragic loss, AJ Mclovely finds the strength to carry on as she knows that they would want her to be brave during this traumatic time on ‘Breathe‘. 

AJ Mclovely is an Aberdeenshire, Scotland singer-songwriter, former beauty queen, and is a courageous ambassador for Mental Health. 

”The song was written by Aj, about the loss of a loved one and is a collaboration with Aberdeen Wedding Pianist, Dennis Douglas.” ~ AJ Mclovely  

Singing with an angelic presence that is beyond wonderful, AJ Mclovely helps us all heal from a personal loss with a superbly presented music video that has been made with such care and class. Each note is collected and crisp – and sends your memory into a peaceful place – as you recall those happy moments while you locate that true closure we all desire to fully fly into a better place. 

‘Breathe‘ from the Aberdeenshire, Scotland indie singer-songwriter AJ Mclovely is a simply stunning display from an artist who is healing from a loss that hurt her so much. This is the story about looking for that beauty again so that you may move on, whilst remembering that soul who changed your life as you will never forget them. Looking for that love when there is only darkness beneath your naked feet, shows so much resilience when there has been a tragedy that you need time to get over. 

Witness this deep music video on YouTube and see more news via the FB music channel. 


Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory

EP Review: AJ Mclovely Releases new EP called ‘Healing’ 

I am happy to introduce to you one of the nicest, kindest and most talented musicians I know; and trust me, I know a lot of musicians in the line of work that I do. AJ Mclovely is truly one of the coolest musicians I have come across and, although she has enjoyed success on numerous radio stations around the world, I can’t help but think that her music career is the start of something big with her new 4-track EP called Healing. 

AJ Mclovely’s New EP ‘Healing’, upon first listen, I would say the arrangement of the music and angelic sound of her voice are what first came to mind when I listened to it. It is only once I focused on the words and then actually interviewed her that I had a deeper understanding what the songs are about or what their source was when she started writing them. Most of the EP is about heartache, but also about coming through it to the other side, and how music can change your life. AJ has unfortunately been through a lot of late, including losing her dad to cancer, her marriage breaking down and even enduring a miscarriage. All of which is very hard to deal with, but I am happy to say that, throughout all the heartache, music literally saved her life and her mental state. By writing these songs, it not only gave AJ the strength to feel like fighting another day, but it shows in her music and I can already see how these songs could also inspire other people who are going through similar challenges. 

Although all the songs on the track are beautiful, my favourite track off the EP has to be track 2 called ‘Hold on’: The lyrics and acoustic guitar in the song harmonise so beautifully and it brought a lump to my throat each time I listened to it. 

What I really like about this EP on the musical side of things is that there are a variety of genres that come through, including some dance music that you can strongly hear in Bleeding Heart; this track features Angelo-K who has also worked on the track. 

The EP closes with another moving track, ‘Breathe’, which is accompanied by a piano and like ‘Hold on’, the lyrics and music to this song is emotional, yet also uplifting in the most beautiful way; and it is another favourite of mine. 

I highly recommend this EP and if you are going through some trials and tribulations, either needing a good cry or looking for some inspiration or upliftment, then this is a must-have for your music collection. 

Duwyne Duzzy Clayton | Fanbase Music Magazine

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